Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2017 we are filled with gratitude and love. We have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime and we have grown and experienced so many things without pause for the past 9 years! In 2017 we have played over 109+ shows as well as many festivals and private events in over 20 US states. We created over 15 creative music videos and finished recording our 4th studio album as well as releasing our first official live cd from our Bonnaroo set! THANK YOU all so much for coming out to all the shows and helping us create the love and memories. We can’t wait to continue in 2018 with positive vibrations and that super charged galactic energy that gets us all really cooking! πŸŒ€πŸŒŽπŸŒ€ thanks to Tom Moran Simon Says BookingEventPro FluxCapacitor StreetTeam John BeckerPlusVibes Productions and all the promoters, venues, festivals and all the people who are making live music happen everywhere!”!